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Office and archive cabinets

Office and archive cabinets

Metal cabinets, cabinets with drawers, extremely durable construction and essential in any office, but also in manufacturing facilities, sports facilities, archives, warehouses, reception areas, museums...

Did you know that the metal cabinets have many times longer durability than the melamine cupboard? Buying metal cabinets you buy quality and durability.

Sistem for any space - program of top metal equipment

Our products are made according to modern European standards, and most challenging venues will ensure maximum usability with its distinctive style that moves away from conventional metal furniture. Large selection of models and accessories with the possibility to personalize the colors will make any office, warehouse, workshop and wardrobe space - usable and attractive.

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Reports on testing - top quality

Endurance-durability, surface resiliance, quality materials and workmanship is regarded as particularly high - Q1.

Accessories and custom made

All products can be made ​​in the measures that suit you and be enriched by a variety of accessories.

Delivery and installation

With a short delivery time, input, assembly and set up into place and the disposal of packaging.

Warranty and service

With a warranty of 12 months, we guarantee service and supply spare parts and accessories for a period of at least 5 years.

A wide selection of colors

Metal furniture need not be gray. Bring some liveliness into your workspace and select the perfect color for your space.

Delivery terms

In order to satisfy your needs, best-selling products are currently available for delivery.

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Make a list of preferred products and request an offer from our professional staff.Offer request